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    AeroE 52gr SMK load, anyone?

    I donít know where it originated, the Hide, ARFCOM, etc but a forum user with the name AeroE came up with a load using 52gr SMKs and 27.0gr of Reloder 15, and basically said if your groups suck, itís either the rifle or the nut behind the rifle.

    I heard about this load a few years back and sort of tucked it away for future reference, but never did anything with it. I had a Mossberg 5.56mm MVP Varmint with 24Ē 1:9 twist barrel that loved my Reloder10x/52gr SMK combo and felt no need to reinvent the wheel. Well, I sold that rifle and realized a month or two ago that I had over half a box (2-300ct) 52gr Sierra Match Kings left at my bench. I decided to load up 20 rounds of the AeroE load.

    I used a 6Ē drop tube due to the quantity of powder/case capacity. I went with regular CCI 400
    small rifle primers, and the Federal brass I used filled up almost to the neck even with the drop tube:

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    I loaded them to 2.250Ē per the load spec. I vary the case type and primer because I donít have Win cases or Rem primers.

    Rifle One
    Colt M4 Carbine lower / Innovative Arms WAR Upper / Rainier Enhanced Nitride BCG
    16Ē Rainier Ultramatch (Shilen) barrel, 1:8 twist & midlength gas / Samson Evo 12.3Ē rail
    CMC Flat 3.5lb trigger, Griffin Recce 5 Mod 3 can w/ flash hider, Vortex 2.5-10x32 FFP HS-LR scope

    I shot a five round group through the rifle and adjusted the scope just a tad, and shot a ten round group

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    Rifle Two

    With only five rounds left, I figured what the heck, letís give this rifle a shot and see how the faster twist does with these smaller bullets

    Rainier forged Upper/Lower with Fortis Mfg Rev II Mlok,
    16Ē Rainier Ultramatch Mod 2, fluted, 1:7.5 twist, intermediate gas, with Griffin tapered mini brake mount & Optimus Micro suppressor
    Rainier Enhanced Nitride BCG, Geissele SSA-E trigger, Trijicon ACOG TA11J (3.5x35 w/ 223 crosshairs)

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    Iíd say this is a winner. Iíve seen this averaging around 3200fps from a 20Ē barrel, so with the suppressors, Iím willing to bet itís between 3050-3100fps on those two rifles. Shoot Safe, guys!

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    Nice job!

    I’ve never played with R15 but I know it’s a good one..with the Hornady powder thrower I could never get stick powder to drop very consistent, so mostly used ball for 223 stuff..h335,aa2230,tac.

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