Iíve had less than 72 hours to play around with this thing, and havenít used it or abused it to see what it can really handle. My observations are from handling it, and firing a few rounds in a fairly controlled environment.

Overall assessment: I really like it. The initial unveiling of it six months ago or so sort of turned me off on appearance only, but I have come to realize what I didnít like about it was actually functional.

The tilt feature and leg adjustments make it really easy to adapt the bipod to just about any a typical shooting location you might find yourself in. This is a really weak example, but itís all I could manage on my lunch break. The rifle is leveled out:

I like the pan and tilt features, and I also like how easy it is to lock out at one or both of them, depending on how you are shooting. In order to lock out the pan feature, the adjustment knob on the bottom needs to be unscrewed all the way, And you will see that the bipod sort of comes apart in several layers. The middle layer is what needs to be turned around, and by turning around that middle layer, it will block the pain feature out with some teeth that are inside it. See the following picture

Another thing I like is that the bottom of the adjustment knob that you can use to tighten up to eliminate or lock down the tilt is flat, So if you were shooting with the bipod legs in the collapsed position, you could have a flat mating surface for your shooting platform. This is a lot better (and more functional) than the small screw you see on the bottom of a Harris bipod

The only thing Iím having an issue with are the buttons used to collapse the legs; they have to be pushed directly in....if your thumb is off centered and you put any sideways force on the button....ainít gonna work.