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For the ATF e-File, I embedded my signature image in the PDF (the eqivalent of scanning a signed hard copy). For the SS, I used Docusign to digitally sign (easiest on a tablet where you can use your fingers/touchscreen to sign vs trying to do it with a mouse on a PC). The SS/Docusign system is much easier to navigate and a much better customer/user experience.

If you have Fingerprint cards on hand, and think you can manage your way through the horrible UX of the ATF's website, you're probably better off to go direct to eFile through the ATF website. A few warnings: be prepared to mail your fingerprint cards right away and know that if you use a trust the file size has to be less than 3MB, I believe. I had to break my scanned trust into 4 files which took a while (and luckily have access to a full version of Adobe Acrobat), plus getting the digital signature on the RPQ took me some time to figure out. I probably spent 90 minutes getting everything ready for the ATF eFile (although I could probably do the next one in 20 minutes). The SS process takes about 10 or 15 and they handle the Fingerprint cards for you. So, it depends on if you value speed or convenience more.
Thanks for the information. In the old eForms system, i know there was a file size limit for documents that were uploaded but i forget what it was. I wound up scanning my trust at a lower resolution (but still very readable) in order to shrink the file size and keep it intact as one document. I don't have anything but adobe reader on my computer (a MacBook), so not sure if i'll be able to add my signature. May have to print the completed form, sign, and scan it back in. I think i'll see if SS can mail some completed fingerprint cards to me so i can mail them on to BATFE as soon as i submit.