Clint of Black River Tactical likes this for his testing so I ordered a case. Tula is my only previous experience with steel case and it often failed to cycle. This Barnaul seems fabulous so far. No problems suppressed or not with my 12.5, 16 and 17.7 today. The big surprise was that it was more accurate than Wolf Gold and equal to MEN 56 grain at 50 yards. The wind started blasting so I skipped the 100 targets.

The big test will be my 10.5 upper I bought from a guy who could not get it to cycle any type of steel case. But that was before this “mil-spec” was available. No info on whether pressure is really NATO standard.

A reliable hollowpoint at under 22 cents per round may make this the only non-premium I buy henceforth. Anyone else use this?