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    CZ P10c

    About Myself:

    I have always been a CZ fan but have also always preferred a SA/DA hammer fired pistol. This always put CZ right in my comfort zone as I feel they have always produced a high quality and affordably priced hammer fired pistol. Because of my affinity to the brand, I decided to pick up a P10c to give it a ride. I am not a skilled marksman and I don't practice my pistol shooting nearly enough as a should. Another thing to note is that I am on the shorter, and heavier side with relatively small hands which will be important to note at points in this review.

    The CZ P10c:

    The CZ P10c is the first polymer framed, striker fired, DA only pistol by CZ. I hate to compare it to the Glock G19 like almost every other review out there, but it is impossible to ignore the simple fact that CZ designed this pistol to compete with Glock's masterpiece. They are almost identical in every dimension, whereas CZ claims that the P10c will fit in many Glock 19 holsters. Take down and field stripping the CZ p10c is also identical to the Glock.

    So, while the "c" in P10c refers to "compact," it really is not a small carry gun. It is a 9mm double stack that holds 15+1 rounds. MSRP is around $499.

    Options and Pricing:

    - Standard P10c $499 ($429 locally)
    - P10c Tactical with suppressor height sights and threaded barrel $549 ($449 Locally)
    - P10c with night sights ($499 locally)

    Note that colors available are All black, FDE frame with black nitride slide, FDE frame with white nitride slide, and Urban Grey with black slide (I believe this is the tactical only).

    Initial Impressions:

    Upon opening the box you get the standard fare. Pistol, 2 magazines, a cleaning brush/rod, interchangeable backstraps (S,M,L)l ocks, and manual. You can tell that it is a nicely made pistol and everything fits together solidly. I have the standard model and the sights are standard glow in the dark (but not tritium night sights) 3 dots. The sights are also made of metal, unlike the glock plastic sights. The 3 backstraps are easily interchangeable with a single pin holding them on. The grip angle is just about perfect for my tastes and it feels as your hand becomes an extension of the pistol as you grip it. This is my one gripes of the Glock 19 as I always feel I have to bring my aim down. The grip texturing is very rough and it really sticks in your hand. It can almost become too rough. The barrel is as 4" CHF barrel as per most all CZ pistols.

    The trigger is where this pistol really shines. It has a decent amount of pretravel, but the trigger is light (around 4-5 lbs per factory but I do not have the tools to measure), the break is clean with no noticeable over travel (there is just a slight bit), and the reset is very short. It really is the best stock striker fired trigger I have shot (in comparison to M&P, M&P 2.0, Glock, HK VP9, Canik TP9, Sig P320). The trigger also does not have that "springy" feeling or sound that many striker pistols do when the trigger breaks and releases the striker.

    Another thing that you will notice about this pistol is that the edges are all rounded and most sharp edges are softened. This really does make a difference when carrying the gun in a holster for comfort, as well as softening any edges while carrying concealed to prevent printing.

    At the Range:

    During my first range trip with the gun I put Federal Bulk pack 115 gr, Federal White Box Target 115 gr, and Blazer Brass 124gr. In all I put 300 rounds through it without any failures of any kind. I kept feeding it ammo, and it continued to provide me with holes in paper.

    I did not do any accuracy testing with this pistol, however, I can report that at defensive distances, accuracy is more than adequate. The 3 dot metal sights are easy to see and pick up (admittedly, I prefer a 3 dot sighting system). Any shots off target were a function of the shooter, and not the gun. I was firing at a target at 8 yards or about 24 feet. Note that I usually tend to miss low.

    As stated before, the real joy of shooting this pistol is the trigger. The light trigger with short reset really is conducive to producing quick follow up shots. Muzzle rise is minimal as it seems the pistol kicks more back than the muzzle flipping up. This allows you to quickly realign your sight picture and put more rounds on target.

    Of note, while at the range there was another shooter there with a Glock 17 with an aftermarket trigger. I can not remember specifically which trigger he had installed, but I was allowed to shoot his pistol. After trading pistols, both of us agreed that the stock trigger on the P10c was more impressive than the aftermarket trigger on the Glock 17. His exact words were, "Shiiiiiiiiiiit!"

    Now it probably sounds like this is a completely glowing review (which it pretty much is), however, there are some minor issues that I have with the pistol after firing 300 rounds through it. First of all the grip is very rough. After firing a single magazine through the pistol, you will have an impression of the back strap on your hand. While having a grippy surface to hang on to is definitely a positive thing, repeated firing became uncomfortable. Also due to the smaller size of my hands, and the shape of the grip, the knuckle of my thumb sits right under the dovetail of the grip. This created a blister which broke open while shooting. Note that I have small hands and I was using the medium back strap. Next time out I am going to change to the small grip and see if that helps.

    Another small gripe with the pistol is that the magazine release is very stiff. It does take some force to drop a magazine but once it is engaged, mags drop freely. While this will not allow a mag to drop unintentionally, it was bothersome.


    CZ set out to create a direct competitor to the Glock G19 with the goal to improve on the Glock design. In my opinion CZ hit a home run with this pistol. I feel as though that CZ created a more ergonomic "Glock" with a better grip angle, and a trigger that is light years better. With the proliferation of the Glock pistols and the rightful reputation they have as a reliable, solid, and affordable pistol, CZ with never replace the Glock. However, CZ has raised the bar for out of the box performance at an unbeatable price point, and this is a good thing. When somebody raises the bar, everybody else has to keep up, creating better overall designs throughout the industry.

    Also of Note:
    I received the CZ P10c in a straight up trade for my HK VP9. I found a local dealer who took my VP9 with 500 rounds through it as a trade for a brand new CZ p10c. The VP9 was a fine pistol, however, after shooting the CZ, I do not regret my decision. In the CZ I have a striker pistol with the same capacity as the VP9 in a smaller package and better trigger.
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