So I installed an adjustable gas block (Insert crow pie jokes here). I started off 2.5 turns out and it locks back on a single round. Next try, same setting, no lockback. I am not giving up, added a little more lube and put two rounds into the mag, fired and the second round jammed only partially into the chamber. I drop the mag and pull the CH and the round drops into the chamber easily (Telling me it's not damaged, or at least not terribly). No dice; I clear that round and it shows evidence of swiping at the base of the case, just above the chamfer of the case head. I can add a pic if desired, I didn't see that round on a cursory look through my bag.

So question; is this what "Short stroking" is, and is it a condition of too much, or too little gas? It seems I need a half turn more on the GB to get the bolt to lock back consistently, but is it also the reason for the misfeed? I am using standard AR 308 carbine extension with stock spring and buffer (All matching Aero Precision parts to go with the rest of the gun) I figured sticking with this one manufacturer would eliminate effed-upness of AR 308 rifle gas system finnickery. Am I on the right trail? I ask because I've had fantastic luck in the old "If it works, do not fuck with it" school of thought as it applies to shooting sports and life in general.

P.S.: I was not making a bunch of shots on the same setting for no reason; I was honestly looking for repeatability of success of failure, knowing other things like newness and lube can add to the problem.