Got to take my freshly stamped SBR to the range today. It snowed yesterday, but was really comfortable today. Put about 150 rounds through my new build today. I am extremely pleased with my results.

After about 60 rounds I did have a couple failure to go into battery issues but I cleaned it and lubed it generously and the issues stopped. I think I under lubed it for the cold weather, but it also felt like the spring felt weak. Stopped by the LGS on the way home and picked up a Wolff extra power spring and it feels much better going into battery now. I was running an H buffer with a can and my brass was flying out at about 1 o'clock so I think the extra power spring was going to be necessary anyway.

Critical specs for the build are:
- Criterion 11.5" CL barrel 1:7 twist
- JMT Block Ops flat trigger
- Riton Mod 7 1-5x scope

First picture is just a random picture of my range in the snow. Second picture is 44 rounds on target. Third picture is another 20 rounds on target after a slight windage adjustment to the left. I was just shooting PMC X-Tac 55 gr plinking ammo. I was just putting rounds on target as quickly as I could recover with the front on sandbags and unsupported rear. I was trying to be accurate but was not stopping to think about each trigger pull. I think with some good ammo, it will be be able to shoot sub moa 5 round groups at 100 yards.