The title should read, training for the over sixty bunch.

Seriously, I have to many surgeries, plates, rods, both knees, and some other stuff, that just won't let me train properly, if I find someone running a weapons course.

5 or 6 years ago, I was doing pretty good, could run, drop, shoot under cars and all other contortions that the instructor had us doing. Now I can only do one of those, and that's..... drop, and then I might not get up on my own

Drawing and shooting speed is down at least 30 or 40% with handgun although I can still handle my AR's pretty well, retreating , if I had to, wouldn't be pretty or at least I'd be a pretty easy target.

Has anyone here ever heard of a training program, book or video that covers adjustments to previous training routines, that would still keep you in the fight, even if you're a little slower. I'm quite sure if I had to drop, even with my knee and elbow pad, I'd be in some serious trouble. Hell, I tried on my new vest with the plates in, and I though my knees were going to buckle. Besides that, how's your day?