I just bought another lower that I will SBR for my .300BLK.

My first SBR was done eFile pre-41F. I have a few questions though.

1. I thought about doing this through Silencer Shop but they want $35 bucks and the service is offline apparently so I might just do it myself again and save the money. I have my ID and login and I logged in to make sure it still works.

2. I think (but I am not sure) that Silencer Shop would email me a copy of the finger prints of the people on my trust. If they will can you submit pics and prints electronically now? (If not I would have to haul my dad around to go get prints done which would be more of a headache (and cost) than just paying the $35 bucks. I think our local cops will charge like $10 per set of prints or something like that so at that point it becomes a wash cost and effort wise)

I have been completely underwater lately so I haven't been paying attention to wait times either. From what I gather it's like a month for Form 1. I guess it would be the same if I pay SS to do the bullshit for me or if I do it myself. If I can get the prints emailed to me and just do everything electronic including the pics I might just do it old school.

I should get my new lower in about a week or so I am taking my time getting info. Don't be surprised (if I wind up doing this myself) having you guys walk me through the process again.

Thanks guys for the help.