Solid choice Gearhead

Iíll weigh in on why the DW over his other choices from my point of view

Iíve had about every brand 1911 except the over priced bears and such, including many springers and rusty rugers , and Cracker Barrel box kimbers

- No mim parts
- either machined DW billet or stainless parts or fitted Ed brown parts
- semi custom/well as close to you can get for the money
- they only make small number of batches per year
- my older DW is a November built gun and less then 400 of them built that year /as their serial number is their build count
-Better trigger then any other out of the box 1911
- No stupid nomar/bomar or whatever sights like the springers
- no ghey uncomfortable ambi safety
- nice checkering and nice tight fit

Itís the only choice in the 1-1500 price range in my humble opinion