Probably about as close to the NZ setup as I can get. Looks like they are using several items that aren't available for sale in the US. Actually, the RMR06 is the only thing that appears to be an exact match, as the ACOG used by NZ is a special green cross-hair version of ECOS in black calibrated for 77gr SMK loads. Also, the LaRue mount for NZ has the locking mechanism on the opposite side of the standard LT100. I'm pretty sure NZ did this so they could mount the ACOG one notch further back on the rail without interfering with the LMT BUIS. NZ put four ways to aim on the rifle. The ACOG, the RMR, the BUIS on the ACOG, and the LMT BUIS. I'm all about redundancy, but that does seem a little excessive. I've seen pics from the field where they've already removed the LMT BUIS to make space for other accessories.

Anyway, I'm happy. Close enough for me.