I just wanted to post here that I am so proud of my 9 year old daughter. She is currently training for a 5k next month and has already been able to run 5k plus at practice.

The side effect of this is that since she is only 9 years old she can not register by herself, so by default I have to run this with her. This 40 year old out of shape dude, has been slowly working himself back into it and I was able to get 2.5 miles in today. I only got 4 more weeks to get ready, so wish me luck. Right now it looks like my 9 year old is going to kick my ass!

Anyway, this is good for me as I have been fighting against newly diagnosed diabetes for the past 3 years. The exercise is doing me a lot of good, and should get me into better shooting shape. If I ever get into a defensive situation, conditioning is always a good thing.

But yeah, props to my little girl Analise for whipping this old man into shape!