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    Elimination of Junior Member Status

    Many of you have noticed, or soon will notice, that we have moved to eliminate the system default Junior Member status. Effective immediately, every registered member of the site will retain the full Member title. This effectively means that we have only two classes of participation here at Weapon Evolution: site staff (Administrators, Staff and Moderators), and full members.

    This decision is reflective of our larger intent to continue our emphasis upon the site's function as reference and review resource, as opposed to "just another discussion board." While we value and support active discussion in support of our objectives, a tier-based membership classification system based upon post count works contrary to these aims by encouraging participants to "pad" their counts. While the intent behind this activity is rarely insidious, it nevertheless increases the board's "white noise" level, which is something we are seeking to avoid.

    It is our hope that, as we grow, every member will consider adding to our User Submitted Reviews section. In the future, we may work to provide a special form of recognition for members who wish to contribute in this area; for the moment, however, our aims are simply to level the playing field and keep things in balance.

    On behalf of the site staff, welcome to full member status!

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