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    S&W 625-2 .45 ACP Model of 1989

    So excited to get this one! I've long been a fan of the Colt and S&W Model 1917 revolvers. They are hard to find in good condition, and they are expensive if they are in good+ condition. The Model of 1989 625 revolver is a great modern alternative.

    No box or paperwork with this one (just like the other two from the estate sale) but it is in LNIB condition with the exception of the line around the cylinder. But then I looked a little closer... The trigger is expertly polished on the face and sides, and there is a trigger stop installed. The sides of the hammer is also polished nicely. This gun has some fine custom work. Nothing too fancy, seems to all be functional. No springs replaced, just some polishing on some of the bearing surfaces. Excited to get it to the range.

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