Sneak Peek – Extreme Duty Bolt

Here’s a first look at the upcoming Extreme Duty Bolt from newcomer Extreme Defense.

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It was designed to serve as a longer lasting, functionally improved replacement for the current TDP Bolt. It is fully functional and compatible with TDP bolt carriers and M4/M16 barrel extensions.

The Extreme Duty Bolt maintains functional compatibility with existing systems without requiring the use of proprietary architecture or system changes.

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While there are several things going on here, the most glaring is the presence of dual ejectors. Sure, you’ve seen them before, but that was on 7.62 bolts. This is the first successful use of dual ejectors on a 5.56mm bolt, using standard components.
You’ll also notice the high lubricity coating which gives it that black sheen. This coating provides a long wearing surface which enhances part life, reduces the need for lubricants, and allows carbon to just wipe off.

We’ll share more details on the lug and body geometry as it gets closer to release. Patent Pending, the Extreme Duty Bolt will be available soon from Extreme Defense.