[ Berryville, Arkansas, January 20, 2020 -- ]

Wilson Combat is excited to announce that the 300 HAMíR cartridge, originally developed in 2018, has been accepted by SAAMI as a standardized cartridge.

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Institute, Inc. (SAAMI), is the organization at the forefront of promoting firearm safety by creating standards that ensure safety, reliability and interchangeability of firearms, ammunition and components.

The .30 caliber cartridge is designed to optimize performance of 95gr-150gr bullets and to function in the AR15 platform. Muzzle velocities range from 2280fps to 2770fps out of a 16Ē barrel depending on bullet weight. The cartridge operates at a maximum average pressure of 57,500psi.

Designed for self defense, law enforcement and hunting applications, the terminal performance of the cartridge is comparable to the legendary .30-30 Winchester. However, the 300 HAMíR has a substantially flatter trajectory due to the higher ballistic coefficient of the bullets used.

In addition, Wilson Combat would like to publicly thank Starline Brass of Sedalia, MO, Western Powders of Miles City, MT and Sig Sauer Ammunition of Jacksonville, AR for their assistance during development and an extra thanks to Sig Sauer Ammunition for submitting the cartridge to SAAMI.

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Introducing two new Wilson Combat
loadings for the 300 HAMíR!

Wilson Combat is now offering 300 HAMíR cartridges loaded with the 110-grain solid copper Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock X bullet and the Wilson Combat/Speer 150 grain HAMíR bonded bullet.

The Barnes Tipped Triple Shock is noted for accurate deep penetration on medium-large game.

At 2600 feet per second and approximately 1651 foot-pounds of energy, it is a devastating choice for hunting or defense.

The all-new HAMíR BONDED load uses a 150 grain Wilson Combat/Speer collaboration bonded bullet that is the heaviest available for the 300 HAMíR. At 2300 feet per second and 1762 foot-pounds of energy, the HAMíR BONDED load is the heaviest 300 HAMíR load available and is ideal for tactical or big-game hunting use.

To further enhance reliability and extraction when your rifle is heavily fouled or when shooting suppressed, the HAMíR BONDED is also available loaded in premium nickel-plated cases.

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