Tactical Tailor (LINK) is currently carrying the TAC-PACK Emergency First Aid Kit by Tactical Medical Packs (LINK) in the standard version and in the Quick-Clot version.

TAC-PACK Standard Version

- Latex-Free Gloves
- Roll Bandage
- Gauze
- Abdominal Pad
- North-95 Respirator Mask
- Triangular Bandage
- Tape
- Occlusive Dressing
- CPR Microshield

TAC-PACK Quick-Clot Version

- All contents of Standard Version
- 25 gram Quick Clot Sponge
I have been wearing and testing out their custom TAC-PACK carrier since the middle of March. The carrier and TAC-PACK combined are very thin and attach to my soft body armor easily. From day one it has been extremely comfortable and nearly unnoticeable when warn. The front of the carrier has a flap on the top which has a Velcro closure and a bright orange pull-tab. Also the front of the carrier is a strap that allows the straps from the body armor to be threaded through. On the back side of the carrier is the hook side of Velcro which allows the carrier to be securely attached to the loop side of body armorís Velcro.

Recently I have been attaching the carrier to my vest by only using the Velcro attachment on the rear of the carrier and placing the straps of my body armor over the entire front of the carrier.

The carrier will accept both the standard and Quick-Clot versions of the TAC-PACKS.

The largest advantage of having this TAC-PACK in the carrier is that it is ALWAYS with me while I am on duty. No matter where I go, no matter what type of call, no matter how far I am away from my patrol car and issued first aid kit, no matter how long it would take a rescue rig to get to my location, I always have an Emergency First Aid Kit on my person for my own personal use or for the use of my partners.

As with many LEO's, we have been away from our patrol cars and off the beaten path when doing our daily duties. Imagine a K9 track that starts on a county road, goes through the woods, onto a farm, through a field, over a fence, into a barn. While searching the barn......SHOTS FIRED....you look to your right and your partner is lying on the ground bleeding profusely. You handle the threat, now you need to assist your severely injured partner and medical aid is a ways out, if you even know the exact address of your current location. Where is your first aid kit?

Just some food for thought.

Front Side

Back Side