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    Aero Precision Adjustable gas block

    Wasnít sure where to put this.

    Quick little open box review/info...As Iím sure Iím not the only one curious about these Aero Adjustable gas blocks, and their slight hiccup. So I sat back and pondered ordering one, but after new screws were sent out and a few good reports I decided for $60 bux Iíd try one

    Comes packaged well with a extra decent ball and spring. Instructions and info on the screw, The problem with the OG screw , was it didnít close all the way or very close.

    I missed This pic , but the first screw was probably 40% open or so bottomed out. So the new screw is a darker color with a bronzy tone. Not sure what itís made of, but different then the original.

    See in the comparison pic, the arrow points to the shoulder which bottoms out, so you can see the extra 1/8Ē or so length.

    It bottoms out at like 99% closed..which should be plenty.

    So overall first impressions, decent looking machining and nice nitride coating. Watch that decent ball as I almost lost the little mofo when changing the screw..

    Wonít get out right away to test it, Waiting in one part, itís going on a Aero 308 build. clicks have a nice audible click and feel. So to be continued..
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