There was a SCR pistol thread earlier, but that's a different topic, so starting a new thread. I know there's some CA shooters here and if he has time, maybe Stickman can chime in, since I know he has one of these, but I'm trying to gather some info beyond YT videos.

I never thought I'd be thinking about this again, but I'm entertaining the idea of a move back to CA for a job I'm being recruited for. As such, I need to neuter an AR lower or two. Potentially a better way to do that would be the SCR. They're very hard to find now, obviously with the rush on many things gun, but some questions...

I'm trying to figure out what the LOP on the stock is equal to, as compared to a collapsible stock. I've seen several different numbers associated with LOP (13" and 14.5"). My long arms appreciate something on the longer side, so trying to make sure it would fit me.

I'm also trying to figure out if the pistol version is able to have the "pistol" grip removed and replaced with a SCR stock. The pistol isn't really solving anything for me, but I can find them available online, but not the rifle lowers.

I know I need to reach out to Fightlite, but figured I'd see if I can get any responses here.