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    Scalarworks Peak Iron Sights

    Are these iron sights worth $240?

    As with all things firearms related, there sights are a cost/value proposition. These are the highest cost rail mounted fixed iron sights on the market. For some they will provide high value, while others will feel that it is a waste of money. Both categories of users are correct.

    Let me get into my initial thoughts on these sights. I can't say this is a full review because I have only used them for 1 short range session for setting up zero on my HD rifle.


    First things first, they come in quality packaging from the manufacturer. They are not in a dive box like most top tier optics out there but are neatly packed into a rigid logo cardboard box. Each sight is individually vacuum sealed. When you open them up they are not caked in oil or grease. They are just ready to mount and go.

    Initial Thoughts:

    The machining on these is perfect. The finish is flawless. This is what you would and should expect on a set of iron sights that costs more than a lot of popular red dots on the markets. There are no rough edges and everything on these sights is thought out to prevent snagging on gear. Everything is radiused so that operation of your weapon system works smoothly. They are engineered to flow with the lines of an AR15. You can tell that especially the rear sight was very thoroughly thought through.

    Did I mention these are light? They are extremely light. If you don't want to feel extra weight on your rifle, these will do it. Lightest iron sights on the market. They feel like a piece of paper.


    Each sight must be slid into place on the rail and then the bold must be threaded through a pic rail slot. Each side of the sight is rigid so to remove the sight the bolt must be completely removed and then the sight needs to be slid off the rail. While this makes them more of a pain to mount, it creates a more robust mounting interface.


    The most positive feature of these sights in my opinion is the ease of adjustment. There are no tools required to adjust either the front or rear sights. The front sight adjusts by a dial on the front sight. Every adjustment clicks into place. You can hear and feel each click. Once the sight is adjusted where you need it, I do not fear it accidentally moving. When it clicks into place it takes enough effort to move the dial that it will not move on its own.

    The rear sight is also adjustable without tools. There is a dial on the side which is indented with raised ridges to get traction with a finger or thumb. I could easily just push my thumb into the dial and adjust the sight. The clicks are tactile but not audible like on the front sight. Just like on the front, I also do not fear the sight losing zero. It just clicks firmly in place.

    Keep in mind that these sights were designed to be used on a 15" railed rifle so if you are using a shorter rail such as on an SBR, the adjustments will be slightly off in the windage. I didn't feel like doing the math so I just shot until I fine tuned the zero until I got it where I wanted it.

    Range Use:

    I only spend a little bit of time behind these, and most of it was just fine tuning my zero. I zeroed with the small aperture and got a good 25 yard zero with a 5 shot group. Getting to zero was stress free and only took 2 gross adjustments and then a couple fine adjustments to get it right where I wanted it. View through the small aperture was easy to find the sight picture.

    After I fine tuned my zero I flipped to the large aperture and shot a few groups. Sight picture is easy to find going from low ready to aiming down the sights.

    Since this is a HD rifle and I am zeroed at 25 yards I then checked my holds at 15 yards and 7 yards and everything lined up just as I expected it to.

    Final Thoughts:

    I will start with my original question.

    So are these worth $240? If you are looking for the best of the best with great looks, great machining, and intuitive functioning, then you will find value in these sights. If you just need something tough and functional then the offerings from DD, MI, Troy, etc will do what you need them to do for $100+ less.

    So do you want to be a baller or not?

    These are tactical, ultra, premium (per Stone).

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    Nice write up!
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