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    Your opinion on the use of shot timers

    Hereís a couple more.

    You donít need the Dropbox app to view this one...

    Operator Readiness Qual (separate from the ORT)

    Additional standards
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    I got my timer today. 72 days from order until delivery. This was after I was told '3 weeks' on the date of order (Dec. 16)

    First thoughts are that the packaging was awesome. The product looks awesome as well. I haven't had a chance yet to play with it in detail but it looks like it's solid for sure.

    I spent a bit of time tracking down the owner so that wasn't good. He is an active user on another forum that I joined (at first) for the sole reason to try and figure out what was going on with my order. Several emails went unanswered so I resorted to plan B.

    I don't know how many employees there are but the owner seems like a cool guy. That said I think they lost my order so they were just cruising around thinking all was caught up when it really wasn't. Apparently the company has a reputation for being slow AF when it comes to orders. I don't think I am the only one at all. That said as soon as the owner found out via that other forum within about 2-3 days my unit shipped out and he included some extras in the box (mainly swag but it's still a gesture).

    Main complaint is it seems like the employees just kind of screw off when the boss isn't around and communication is very much lacking. Like I said, I sent three emails and none got a response. It wasn't until I joined the other forum until I got a reply.

    I was told it was on backorder so I knew it wasn't going to ship instantly going into it. 3 weeks vs 10 weeks is a big difference though. I didn't push it sooner because it was holiday season, which I figured factored in to everything, plus covid, plus all these record sales numbers in the gun industry etc etc.

    I kind of got the impression that the owner was not happy about the situation with my order so he personally checked on it and made it right as quickly as he could. Like I said though it's more about the lack of any kind of response and bad or no communication than it was about the 10 week wait time. If they had told me 10 weeks up front I still would have bought one but it's just 'how' it all happened.

    Anyway aside from the not good communication aspect product wise it looks like I have a solid piece of gear to work with.

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