I am not knocking Surefire products. I have several lights of theirs and actually I love them (hence why I want to buy another). They are absolutely great.

What I am wondering about is their rollout of new products, specifically the XSC weapons light for small carry guns. They announced this new product over six months ago but nothing is being brought to actual market yet [at least one for my EDC Sig 365XL].

I have been waiting patiently (but eagerly) to buy one of these lights but it seems like their rollout kind of sucks. I understand that it's COVID times and all and that the market is insane but to the best of my knowledge they have not released anything into the wild (for the 365 series) at all yet.

Trying not to Monday morning quarterback here but it looks to me like they dropped the ball big time. They generated a lot of good media attention but then have nothing to sell.

Maybe somebody here knows more than I do about the hold up.