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    Since were sorta comparing numbers, here some of mine as I was digging thru my reload boxes and notes

    I havent loaded or chronod these loads in years and were shot mostly in a 18 UM

    Lc brass , cci 450s , Varget 77s at 2.250 and 55s at 2.23

    77gr smk 24.5 2608
    77gr nosler 24.6 2579

    69gr smk - lc brass, cci 450 and 25.3 grains of varget is still a better load out of most of my stuff
    18 = 2860 ish
    16 2765

    The nosler actually shot better but was a hair slower

    Also migrated away from stick powders as I run a powder measure. Tac , h335, aa2230 are my go tos and are always on target or within .01 when checking randoms off a Hornady Pm

    Tac ,450s , LC , never got to chronod these , but they shot slightly better
    I Also run 24.8 over 55s, for good running fmj loads

    77s= 23.3
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