Well, I'm finally prioritizing getting some good training this year. I had an excellent long distance / precision shooting class last month and just signed up for Sheepdog Response Carbine 1 class at the end of this month and Gunfighter Pistol 1 with Mike Glover / Fieldcraft Survival next month. I'll probably sign up for a two day Kagwerks class this Fall, too, if they still have openings by the time I register.

Now I have to figure out which carbine to take the class.

I missed the Dark Angel trauma class when they were in town earlier this year, so that will probably have to wait until next year. My wife took it a year ago and she really liked it and recommends it.

Ammo prices are down a little bit (e.g., 2x instead of 3x the "old normal) so that helps and I've ordered some ammo to cover the classes so as not to deplete.

Anyone else getting some training in this year? I'd be particularly interested if anyone knows of any good classes in the PNW