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    SBR Reloads

    I have long since wanted to know what to use to get the best results from my 10.5" SBR. Because of that I have been running some tests of my own.

    All of this data is obviously for MY GUN but in general all loads are within safe published load data (with one exception so far).

    I have several thousand 75 grain Hornady bullets that I bought a long time ago. I am shooting them out of a 10.5" SBR.

    A load of 24.8 (?) grains of CFE 223 gave me 2325 fps.

    A load of 23 grains of H335 gave me a velocity of 2312 fps.

    A load of 25.5 grains of Leverevolution gave me a velocity of 2373 fps.**

    ** As far as I know there is no published load data for 223 using Leverevolution. That said Johnny's Reloading Bench made a video using Lever and 77 grain bullets so I extrapolated out of that video. I probably could have gone up even higher in charge weight but it was pointless as it could not catch up to other contenders that I've tried.**

    A load of 24.1 grains of Ramshot TAC gave me a velocity of 2464 fps. This is the max published load on Hodgon's website. This is over 90 fps faster velocity than the next closest competitor (so far). I could probably go up in charge weight even more in my gun but I rarely exceed max. That said I might try to keep going just to see what it yields.

    Hopefully this will be an ongoing test but powder availability is still a problem. None the less at the very least I have at least one powder on the menu that offers substantially better performance than the others out of that particular platform.


    I ran some more tests and it's definitely delivering. I did several more strings and the average from all of them was nearing 2460 fps. The highest single shot was over 2480.

    Based on what I am seeing this can easily be my new go to for that particular rifle.
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