I just put together my first Glock clone build. I will first give you the specs.

1. The frame is a stock PSA Dagger frame with no modifications (G19 Size)
2. LEO Precision Oden Slide
3. AIM Surplus Slide completion kit
4. True Precision Stainless threaded fluted barrel

Now, this thing really is a shooter. First pull of the trigger, dead center of the target. After some practice with it I was able to shrink my groups to the limits of my current capabilities.

After about 250 rounds I have had the following intermittent issues.

1. Failure of complete extraction (about 5-6 times out of the 250 rounds)
2. Failure for the trigger to reset (about 5 times out of the 250 rounds)

For both issues, they didn't crop up until I had already put over 100 rounds through it. So post "initial" break in phase.

What I think is going on...I think that since I have a significantly lightened slide, that my slide is cycling too fast and may be causing both issues. My slide has significant lightening cuts and has an RMR cut but I am not running an optic to add the weight back to the slide. I think I may need a lighter recoil spring?

I did take it to my local tactical gun store and ran the issue by them. They looked at the extractor and said that that looks good and is actually a bit tighter than a stock glock and they don't think that is the issue. They tended to agree with me that both these issues could possibly be caused by my recoil spring being too heavy for the slide.

Before I jump down the rabbit hole I want to get other opinions about what might cause these issues. And if you also think that the recoil spring is the issue, what products do you recommend to replace the spring.

Thank you.