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    I’m onboard with leather for 1911s. My Tucker HF OWB makes me feel all rangerish. But I prefer the Lobo beltslide for carry. Tucks in nicely. Both are top quality. If I lived in Texas I’d get matching snakeskin boots and holster.
    When I comes to modern politics, I think the inverse of Hanlon's Razor applies...In other words, "Never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by malice." - Kerplode

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joelski View Post
    Same here. I started with Glocks and never owned a wheel gun (Still don't), nor a 1911 until I reached my mid-50's. Something clicked, and I really dig it. I don't carry it, but plan to maybe in colder months. A 1911 is a gun that demands to be carried in a leather OWB holster; kydex need not apply. Of course, everything I write is my opinion, speaking strictly for myself. I can't stand the whole "Everything sucks unless it's exactly what I like/use". mentality. People don't make friends that way, for sure. I respect people at a social level that I was taught that was mannerly. My respect for people goes up when they display critical thinking, a willingness to share knowledge and accords mutual respect. Society is so lacking in friendliness. I can name off a bunch of guys on this forum that have lent me specialized tools, cut me deals, and one in particular who gifts some pretty nice stuff to members on a regular basis. That's a place worth hanging around, IMO. Do I wish it were busier? a little; I wouldn't want to mess up what we have here with people who aren't of a similar mindset to have a really nice place with really nice people and friendly conversation. Thanks for exactly that, and have a great evening!
    I only own a wheel gun because it was gifted to me by my deceased friend. Really nice guy, one of us, claiming to be unsociable but always willing to chat it up with like minded folk. I take it with me when I go to classes, matches, and out shooting with friends or practicing by myself. I ask new folk to fire some rounds out of it, that way they get to "meet" Mike and I'm still going shooting with Mike.

    I shamefully admit that my 1911 only sits for now in a Captain America kydex that my friend the owner of SBF Custom Kydex made for me as a birthday present. His 20 round USGI molded soap and small parts dishes are pretty useful too. I do think that it's past time to grow up and get a real leather holster for it though. I'm thinking something from either Galco or Simply Rugged.

    And I'm around the same age as you, we certainly seem to be from the same cut of cloth. I too am not into the "Everything sucks unless it's exactly what I like/use". mentality either. I often ask, but what about training? Surely your enthusiasm for something isn't an actual capability without the training to be able to use it when it matters? That's when the insults come out immediately afterwards because the truth hurts.

    Maybe I too can be of help given enough time. I've been thinking about offering up things for trade or sales that are small enough to take a chance to gain some trust. Do y'all do a holiday gift exchange with each other?

    Oh, and to keep this on topic somewhat, if you reload stay away from Power Pistol for 45 ACP unless your goals are either 45 Super or 45 Major

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