Ya I know, I should have done one at a time and I certainly do have freedom problems.

My goal here is to have one belt strictly for pistol usage on a one way range to try different things, with padding and not the inner outer crap because wearing snivel gear is an option that these inner and over companies don't consider. It's simply cheaper and more economical to have only one belt, that I can swap out a bunch of holsters that are all QLS instead of making gun belts for every specific gun that I own.

Disclaimer, I already have a battle belt set up exactly what it's for. I am not going to be messing with it because I already have it exactly as I've got.

The hole I dug is a pain. I need a new Safariland RDS and WLS for my G45, G17, and P320. Both Glocks can share the G17 but the 320 will have to be purchased also just for it I was going to also need one for my VP9 but it turns out that a custom retention holster somehow miraculously, will also work with it despite being formed and fitted for a G17.

I still need to get the P320 slide in coyote with Romeo X Pro for said 320, and also another TLR1-HL for it too.

I still need to get a bunch of P365X Macro 17 round mags, and P320 17's too because all I have is a pile of 15's for those. I recently purchased the 1811 grip module and after dryfiring it a whole lot and the original module, I am never going back to the factory one because that 1811 1911 angle is superior IMO.

I've got the best figured out, a VTAC Raze with HSGI inner grip pad. After finally figuring out the correct size for both, now all I have to do is order. Since my extra pistol esstac kiwis won't work with either the VP9 and P320 mags as they're too loose and easily slip out, I opted for the Unobtanium pistol Sleds that are on order.

All of the above because I really dislike going to the range and not being able to re-holster right away or have mags ready to go. I may get on Tacswap and put a few things on there to help fund this maddening problem of mine