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If it's a carry gun, then bang, you're dead. If not, and you're just playing, then fix it when you get home. If you shoot squib prone ammo in your self defense weapon then you/re scary. If not, it doesn't take a tool box to knock a squib load out even with the comp. If you just don't care if you f' up an almost $400 mod, then that's up to you. Use your tire iron to torque that baby if it suits you. edit: It doesn't take up much room in your range bag to carry something much bigger than your cell phone and about as fat as a small mag light.
response being projected at me indeed. WTF, O?

You don't train with your guns? A carry gun that I don't go to training with is a gun that should never be carried. And bang, do what now? I'm not sorry to say this but that false narrative you're using isn't the reality here at all. Do you understand what a squib is? Do you know how to react to one? Do you know how to clear one? Do you even shoot your guns? You never bring anything with you to the field to work on your guns if a quick fix is needed and can be done? Or do you go to ranges that are public only and forbids you from doing so? Is that where this flabbergasted nonsensical drama is stemming from? it definitely sounds like it.

We have BLM lands. I also have a personal range as well with two bays. Sometimes I train with friends, we can still do training where issues can be easily resolved. Not even an issue, and if problems have happened. Like squibs. And speaking of which, if we haven't gotten a squib while using our carry guns then you're either lucky or haven't shot enough yet to find out. Also, if you're knocking a squib out with the slide still attached and the barrel still in the slide, then you obviously haven't dealt with how to properly remove a squib either and should never be giving advice on how to.

As for the rest of that rant, melodramatic much? What you're referring to at the end though, I have no idea what gibberish you are trying to say. I was simply saying that if a field removal was needed to be done, it can be done. That's a pro and not a con. I was giving a good review and not a bad one so what's your deal here??? Absolutely zero need to be triggered by what I had originally said, it was completely benign. You created a mountain from flat surface, c'mon now. We're all supposed to be friends here.