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    Glock 43X Pyramid Trigger Swap

    I very recently upgraded a G19 with a Radian custom barrel/comp and some other stuff, but some personal business has kept me from the range to test it out yet. In the meantime I acquired a new G43X.
    The first thing I noticed was how much the trigger really sucked, it was heavy, gritty and just overall awful. (strictly my observations, you may find otherwise).
    So, I got online to the Glock store and ordered a new Pyramid Ver 2 trigger, a double diamond connector, new sights, to replace the stock ones which I (my opinion only) personally think suck and a tungsten recoil guide.
    Replacing the Gen5 type trigger is a breeze even if you're a little squeamish about such things as well as the connector. The trigger bar is Ti nitrided for a lower coeficient of friction (fancy for slicker, and I suppose the "double diamond" connector is about like the rest of them and is reshaped to reset the trigger faster. The whole process takes about 20 - 25 minutes to perform. The alluminum trigger is wider, smooth and feels much more comfortable than a plastic Glock trigger, (don't forget to add 1 DROP of lube of your choice, what Glock recommends, where the trigger bar and connector meet and let it set in.) Here, Glock states again that it's important NOT to over lubricate. BTW, all you'll need for this tool wise is a 3/32 in. punch and small hammer to punch the two pins out and reassemble the gun with. I installed the new tungsten guide rod, put a tiny bit of oil on the normal places you'd lube your Glock and reassembled it.
    Dry firing it made all the difference in the world and the improvement was immediate, but after dry firing about 100 times I noticed everything settled in and the trigger is slick, comfortable and I'm guessing a pound to a bit more lighter. The guide rod should help with muzzle flip. I've still got to install the new tritium sights, which I hope to accomplish this weekend and monday take both the G19 and G43X to the range for full testing of each with a part B. range report. Instead of fighting to post my crappy pictures, I'm posting this link to a GS video in which the owner makes the same mods with excellent pics. He installs a new striker, springs and plunger to further lighten up things to about 3.5 lbs, but I'm not going that low to avoid potential law suits/liability and 4.5 suits me just fine for carry, although some of my 1911's are lighter, but that's a different story.

    To sum things up I hope the range proves to me that my G19 with the radian barrel and comp, and G43X mods prove to be worth the time and expense, but I have a sneaking feeling I'm going to be impressed with both as far as performance gains/price ratio's go for the mods. Below is the link for the install, and I'll follow up with part B and a full range report next week, hopefully.

    PS. I have no affiliation with the GlockStore, it's employees or any of their products.

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