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    REVIEW: OSOE Mookie War Rig LIte

    At this time I do not work for John Willis, OSOE, or Tactical Response Gear. I have no financial gain in their companies and/or products. The products contained here-in have been provided to me for the sole purpose of direct comparison to competitors products, and for product review. All Wording and/or findings are my own, and have not in anyway been solicited by any vested parties.

    second disclaimer:
    yes psychomom convinced me to shave my 7 months worth of chin growth. first one of you that makes a wise crack is going to get it.

    One of the great things I love about this industry is the fact that it has really started pushing the designers to use their ingenuity. After a while everything starts to blend together. At some point everyone starts copying everyone else. There again, there are only so many ways that you can redesign a mag pouch. That is not the same thing for chest rigs however.

    John Willis's mind seems to never stop pumping out ideas. The thing is, he's not scared to produce it. If it works, it takes off. If it doesn't work it's either scrapped or revamped. I don't know if any of you guys have ever seen a Mookie War Rig (original) but it was designed to carry an arsonel of goods.

    Over time, folks that loved the MWR started asking for less. Coupled with the demands of hollywood, John pumped out this little gem. This is the Mookie War Rig Lite (MWRL).

    There are three versions of this rig. The one I opted to try out was the 4 mag version. Like it's predecessor it's long. not quite as tall as the MWR, but still a pretty substantial piece of kit. It holds 4 m4/AK magazines (with the ak magazines being a tad tight, but nothing unmanageable). The magazines are retained by an adjustable lid flap. The entire front of the rig is lined with pals channels.

    One of the best features of this rig is the harness. Unlike several other manufacturers that can't seem to get away from the criss cross x harnesses, John has started putting his H-Harness on most his chest rigs. It wears SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than that other style. Have i Mentioned that i absolutely adore his h-harness and it's design?

    Like most of his rigs, the MWRL has a rear compartment. However, unlike his previous models this one is closed with a zipper instead of velcro.

    On the inside of the rear pouch you'll find 4 smaller magazine sized pieces of elastic, and one larger. Fill them with whatever you like. in the two weeks i've played with this rig i've yet to find anything that <i> would store in it.

    That is because of this. The front fastex buckles are sewn in front of the zipper, making quick access (note that i've only had this for two weeks and haven't had a chance to practice and become proficient with it) not so easy. The original thought behind it was to re-leave the stress put on the zipper by a fully loaded rig.

    The harness connections are more than secure, as they are sewn onto the rig, and then receive another layer of stitching when the zipper trim is put on.

    As i said at the beginning of this thread. this is a long rig. As i've said in other posts, i'm not so much a fan of long rigs. being a couch commando I have the luxury of being picky on pouch placement. if i can get away with not having anything stuck in my arm pit, i do. if not, i'll either live with it or pick a different rig. other, more high speed personnel don't have that option, so this rig gives them plenty of room to carry whatever they want.

    nor am i a big fan of rigs that stick out 2 feet from your chest. this rig actually excels with that problem. being that it is wide, i don't have to stick a fully stocked med pouch ON TOP OF my magazines. i can put it slightly to the side. well okay, fully to the side (but then we run into that arm pit issue). Same with my pistol pouches, they went on the other side. Something that i want to toy with is moving my pistol mags to the interior pocket, and mounting a horizontal smoke or two in that pouches place.

    Unlike the micro rig, i did not instantly fall in love with it, and will have to put it through it's paces and see if it's going to work out.

    The Mookie War Rig LIte is also available in an 8 mag version and a full pals version:

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    Do you still have the rig and do you have an update on wear of it?

    Also, do you know of anywhere else to purchase this than OSOE?

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    The OP's last activity was 2011. Likely wait awhile for a reply.

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