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Glad to hear it Paulo! Having support makes a lot of difference. Where are you taking your level 1? Our lead instructor got an invite to be an HQ apprentice instructor, I'll see if he'll be at your class. HQ "should" help you out on cost since it'll be for a dept. affiliate, if you get hung up on it let me know and I'll get some more details.

BTW...I think you should use "Murph" for your PT test :)
It will be in Morristown, NJ in August. I alread contacted HQ and they will waive the affiliate fees, which is cool as hell.

Murph would make a good PT test if I wanted to kill my co-workers. LOL. We actually just talked about the PT Test and I think we have finally come up with a goof one. I have to talk to the Chief tomorrow about it. I'll post it when it is finalized.