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    TRICON Plate Carrier from Diamondback,17527,6.htm

    Video about it.


    I like the idea behind this item, I just wish they made a PALS/MOLLE version versus one with static pouches.

    Imagine one with x3 regular TACO pouches up front, with 3 more double-stack rifle/pistol TACO's on the front of those.

    I think if the flap was made with velco covered webbing vs. just velcro you might be able to use something like a chest mounted serpa holster or something.

    I also wouldn't mind if it had something more like OSOE's slim padded H-harness versus skinny arse straps.


    But the concept of this thing is pretty cool, basically a mini-chest rig that hold a plate and/or soft armor insert.

    Just wondering what you guys thought of this, and if anybody else makes something similar; I know there's a hundred mini chest rigs, but what about front plate rigs?
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