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    Todd Kramer - Go-Gear GP Dumper

    I have dealt with a lot of gear over the years from the Vietnam era canvas canteen pouches issued to me in ?92 (thank you Clinton for that great USMC funding package) to beautifully custom made gear from Esstac and EGL. I have to say that running quality equipment sure makes life a lot easier and a carrying gear a heck of a lot more comfortable.

    I have recently come across a new company called Go-Gear tactical headed by Rock Star Paul Green. Paul is unlike anyone else in this business that I have come across. He is covered in tattoos and looks like he should be standing on a podium at the X-Games collecting a Gold medal instead of designing and making tactical gear. That said, this friggin guy knows how to sew and his quality of gear and borderline psychotic attention to detail is amazing.

    Innovation drives any business and anyone sitting on their laurels will eventually be overrun and left in the dirt. Go-Gear is creating products that are fully outside of the box and designed to make guys on the frontlines safer and a lot better equipped. From the new padded plate carrier to the GP Dumper I will review below, Go-Gear is a little different then the norm and that is just how Paul wants it.

    I was able to pick up some of the Go-Gear GP Dumpers at SHOT and I am impressed. First off these pouches are BIG. The GP-Dumper measures 10? tall by 9? wide. I was able to fit 2 Nalgene Water Bottles or 9 Magpul PMAGs inside. So as a GP Pouch this thing will carry some gear. You can also attach what Paul likes to call the ?Pussy Lip? top and run it as a Dump Pouch. The included dumper top attaches via 2 side clip buckles on the front and a really simple nylon web attachment at the back that makes you think ?why didn?t I think of that?. The nylon attachment on the back is surprisingly strong but still maintains a very flat profile against your body. For a multi-use rig this pouch will do a lot.

    Quality, as previously stated is amazing. The Dumper is double layered 1000d Cordura and lined with PALS webbing. The stitching is straight and reinforced where needed. Instead of the usual edge tape used on so much gear Paul has edged everything with nylon webbing for extra strength. There are drain holes on the bottom but they are overlapped with a piece of nylon to keep out a little of the dirt and dust that usually find their way into your gear. They won?t keep out fine dust but they will allow the pouch to drain and keep out the major debris.

    This pouch is as tough as a GP or Dumper can get. I have attached 2 Malice Clips but for a heavy loadout I wouldn?t hesitate to add another set. Like I said you can really jam some gear in this thing.

    Enough of my ramblings. Check out the pics and see for yourself.

    Picture of Ranger Green and FDE GP Dumpers.

    A shot of the back showing the simple and strong webbing attachment.

    A GP Dumper with the lid off. You can also see the 1000d OD interior.

    You can jam some stuff in these things.

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