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    NEW Samson Evolution Rail

    Samson Mfg has introduced a new forend rail system called the Evolution. The Evolution is a tube rail with removable attachment points.

    Several factors were considered when building this tube. First was the tube rails propensity for building up heat. Samson used a splined stainless steel thermal bushing over the factory barrel nut to insulate the 6061 rail. Test showed this to reduce the rail temp by 60 degrees over other tube rail systems.

    Second, some tube rails have harmonics problems that make it "ping" when fired. Samson Mfg has resolved this issue.

    Third, many tubes can be a pain to install and equally difficult to align. The Evolution installed easily in 5 minutes without instructions (First one out of the factory) There are many splines that keep the tube from rotating and small "wings" keep it straight and against the upper receiver.

    The tube diameter is 1.8" The weight of the 11" model shown is 8.3 oz, (10.5 oz. including the stainless thermal bushings.)

    The Evolution will work with most piston systems such as the Adams Arms and most others.

    Included with the rail is a set of attachment rails, 2- 2" rails and 1 - 4" inch rail. There are screws and stainless locking bars for the back. There will be optional accessories such as QD sling attachment points and extensions for 3-gunners using piston systems.

    At this point, the line up will have tube from 7" to approximately 15". There will be offerings for most commonly used piston systems as well. Pricing has not been set other than the announced price of $159.00 for the 11" model shown in the photos below.

    This photo shows the thermal bushing over one side of the factory barrel nut.

    With the other half installed, the tube fits over the bushings and into place. Small wings on either side of the upper receiver hols the tube in place and make alignment very easy.

    Accessory rail kit included with Evolution rail. 2 - 2" rails and 1 - 4" rail included.

    Rails attached

    Stainess plates hold the rails secure without having to worry about stripping threads

    Optional QD sling attachment points with limited rotation.

    A 1.5 " suppessor fits inside easily. This one is 1.375" for reference. The Surefire with locking tab will not fit.

    This is the fit around an Adams Arms piston

    Sabre Defense mid-length with Adams Arms piston installed.

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    Rainier Exclusive Evolution style Rail system that is 5% Lighter than originals.

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