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    Low Intensity Tactical Emitter

    Low Intensity Tactical Emitter (LITE)

    Retired Army 1SG Robert Clements of Pro Patria, Inc in New York has extensive experience in the military use of the shotgun and is involved in developing training and qualification standards for the military shotgun. 1SG Clements is always looking to advance the capabilities of the shotgun and is looking to market the Low Intensity Tactical Emitter for use on shotguns. He was kind enough to send me the little Picatinny rail mounted for testing and evaluation. This LED is a handy low-output light that attaches to any 1913 rail of adequate length. I’ve been using the LED for a few weeks now, and I’ve been impressed with the capabilities that such a small light brings.

    The Low Intensity Tactical Emitter (LITE) is a small, low intensity ruggedized LED with integrated rail mount to illuminate nearby objects or obstructions. In this role it can be mounted on a rifle or carbine’s Picatinny rail to inspect objects within roughly arm’s length to the far side of a standard bedroom depending on output setting and ambient light. It may also be used as breaching light on shotguns, which is a new use that Pro Patria, Inc is intending to market the LED for. Due to a lack of a suitably durable light mount and ballistic breaching opportunities, I have not yet evaluated this light in this role. However I have tested the light mounted to rifle and carbine rails.

    The LITE consists of a flat dark earth colored polymer casing that includes a switch mechanism, battery housing, emitter head/battery cover, and rail clamp.

    The switch mechanism is sealed behind a flexible waterproof membrane that is color matched to the rest of the body. The body of the light has a series of longitudinal reinforcing ribs to give the lamp greater strength and impact resistance and also provides a better grip for mounting and dismounting the light. A small loop is located at the rear of the LITE for using a security lanyard.

    The underside of the LITE body is the integrated Picatinny rail clamp. A molded locking bar towards the rear of the LITE locks the unit into a Picatinny channel. A pivoting clamping jaw along one side of the body has a heavy duty spring that allows the lamp to be quickly mounted and dismounted from the weapon.

    The rotating removable emitter module is used as an output power selector and master on/off switch. It is also the battery cover for the LITE.
    The LITE is waterproof to 66 feet and is powered by a common DL123 3 volt battery. The light weighs approximately 2.5 ounces with battery. It is 4” long, 1.5” wide, and 1.25” tall.

    Secure the weapon with one hand. Index the LITE onto the rail with the locking bar aligned with a notch on the rail and anchoring the hinged jaw along the side of the rail. Rock the LITE over the rail (much like a Magpul XT rail cover) so that the fixed side of the rail clamp on the LITE slips over the rail completely. There will be positive, audible and felt click when the light is locked onto the rail.

    To remove, place a thumb on the hinged clamping jaw and rotate this side of the LITE away from the rail. The hinged jaw will open and slip over the edge of the rail.

    In terms of where the light should be positioned on a railed rifle or carbine, I found it very natural to position the light at 9 o’clock just forward of a VFG. This allows the support hand thumb to ease up onto the switch and activate or deactivate the LED.

    As stated, the rotating emitter head functions as the LITE’s power output selector and master on/off switch. To activate the LED, rotate the emitter head from the “OFF” position. The first position is “LO” and is obviously the dimmest setting for the LED. Using this power setting, the LED is rated for 1000 hours of continuous use.

    Continuing to rotate the emitter to the “HI” setting allows for the LED’s highest output. Under this power setting the LED is rated for 100 hours of continuous use.

    In order to activate the LITE, the user presses on the large switch membrane at the rear of the light body. The switch has two means of operation: momentary and constant. For momentary use, the user simply presses in on the switch. The LED stays on for as long as the switch is pressed and shuts off when pressure is released. To put the LED in constant use, the user “double taps” the switch with two quickly spaced taps of the switch membrane. This keeps the LED on until the switch is pressed again, which shuts the LED off.

    At 16” from the LED, the circle of light thrown is 12” across. At 7 feet from the LED, the circle is 5’6” wide. The powerful little LED puts out a very distinct circle with crisp edges. On the LO setting, the light was sufficient to illuminate objects within arms reach rather well in most nighttime situations. This was very handy in walking through some wooded areas and allowing me to see the ground around my feet. Setting the HI power output allowed objects to be seen/inspected at greater distances, out to about 20 feet depending on colors and ambient light. The green LED allows for natural night vision to be used without destroying it as would be the case with higher power lights like a standard weapon light. Also, the use of green allows the human eye to detect a greater range of textures, detail, and distance than with other colors.

    While green will be the standard color for the LITE, other colors will be available for special order. Red, blue, IR, white, and UV are planned. For maintenance and repair replacement emitter heads and O rings will be available.

    The durability of the LED allows the LITE to withstand some good shocks and jarring blows to the weapon. Incandescent bulbs are vulnerable to recoil and can break if the weapon strikes an object hard. The LITE withstood several range sessions and some smacks to the carbine that it was on. It also took a blow directly to the lamp body when the weapon hit concrete, with not even a scratch to the unit.

    Robert Clements plans to distribute these lights through Pro Patria, Inc . He is currently taking pre-orders for those that are interested. He is available through under the username “DMR” and as “Desert01” as well as his email . His mailing address is Pro Patria, Inc. 8760 Cut Off Rd. Castorland, NY 13620.
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