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How close can a "Jack of all trades" optic come to being worth the unusually high asking price? I think the answer comes down to what you are looking reasonably do with your weapon. In the case of this optic, Leupold was holding in a large secret, and that was that this optic was going to be issued for use on Ma Deuce and her MK19 friend. I tested it on everything from MK18s to standard 16" carbines, to 20" rifles, and then shipped it out to USMC snipers who used it out to the 800 marker for more fun. We all felt the optic worked well, and was of high quality, but the reticle just didn't work well for us. In hind sight, it makes much more sense when you figure it was going on a crew served beast. The price for this optic is right around $4k, and you've got different options along with that price tag.

I know the first thing people comment on is the price, and they can get great scopes for almost half that price. This is true, but the difference is none of those were selected for heavy weapon work. If you need the baddest beast of a 1x8 optic, AND have crazy amounts of cash you don't mind throwing around for bragging rights, this may be just what you are looking for.

While this optic works well, I found it wasn't a close substitute for an Eotech or Aimpoint working in buildings and up close, but of course those optics pale compared to the Leupold Mark 8 CQBSS M-TMR once you started to pick up distance.

Don't look for pictures of me using this optic, while its a great piece, I think its appeal is going to be limited to those who are issued one.