Seekins Precision’s Integrated Rail Mounting technology (iRMT) uppers integrate the rail mounting points into the upper retaining the stiffness of a true monolithic upper while allowing the rails to be completely modular. This new upper design is considerably thicker in the most critical area and will aid in squeezing all of the potential accuracy out of your rifle. Instead of a standard barrel nut our iRMT system uses an externally threaded, Titanium barrel nut with 1-1/8” wrench flats on it for simple installation. No special proprietary wrenches needed.

SP iRMT-R upper is compatible with Seekins Precision’s BAR rail and MCSR rails

SP iRMT-3 Upper is compatible with the Seekins Precision SP3R rail system.
MSRP $299

The SP3R rail was designed out of necessity from shooting 3 gun and sniper competitions where barricade or improvised shooting positions are frequent. At only 2” wide it fits perfectly into your hand. On a barricade, barrel, ledge or window opening the flat surfaces give you a sturdy rest allowing for accurate, faster shot placement. Modular accessory rails are field adaptable to any slot without removing or needing to reach the inside the hand guard. The SP3R comes with all mounting hardware, a full length top rail and two short rail sections in two lengths. 12” and 14
MSRP $249-$255

Upon receiving the Seekins Precision iRMT-3 Billet Upper and the SP3R Rail, I was more than eager to build this upper and get out on the range. After greasing the barrel extension of the 16" Mid-Length barrel into the upper and seating it into place, I came upon my first dilemma. Well, not really a dilemma, but more of a personal preference. The titanium barrel nut provided with the upper can be tightened with an 1 1/8" wrench. Not necessarily a size that I had readily on hand, so I set out to find a proper sized crow-foot wrench so I could use a torque wrench for final tightening. Without being able to locate a proper sized crow-foot, I opted for the next best thing...the good ole' crescent wrench. After using my calibrated torque-arm and the crescent wrench, I found the rest to be simple enough that I could have almost had my 6 year old son install the rest.

After placing the gas tube in place and pinning it, came the most beautiful part of this installation, attaching the rail to the upper. There is absolutely no way to mess this up. The attachment point for the rail onto the upper is actually machined into the upper. The rail is slid onto the attachment point on the upper, 12 screws (with blue loctite) are inserted, and you are done! No technicalities to worry about between the upper and lower, just pure simple machining beauty!

Range Test Time!

So how did it shoot? The first word that came to my mind.... Butter! With minimal felt recoil (I know it's an AR, but definitely reduced from a Carbine-Length), 15 inches of real estate to get a hold of, and a flat bottom on the rail that just holds onto any barricade surface for a makeshift mono-pod wherever you can find a flat surface to use.

Included with the 3 Gun Rail were two short rail sections for any accessories that needed attached in any spots other than the top rail. All I really wanted to add to this upper right now was an Elzetta light which I attached with an Elzetta ZROC light mount on the top rail, a Fortis Manufacturing Rail Attachment Point, and an EO-Tech.

Aside from the performance and functionality of this upper, I still cannot get away from how much I really like the look of the lines that Seekins Precision has done with the Billet Upper and the Rail. They are definitely not a cookie cutter company when it comes to the look of their products and I cannot wait to see what they come out with next.

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