Concealed carry of a pistol typically involves a lot of trial and error, to include various locations of carry as well as holster type. Over the past twenty-something years, I've gone through a metric ton of holsters. Some were great, some were crap. Most are collecting dust in the shed, were sold or given away. I have a preference for strong side carry, outside of the waistband (OWB). This puts the pistol in the same familiar location as my duty pistol and overall, having the pistol outside of the waistband is more comfortable that having it tucked inside the waistband (IWB). An obvious downside to OWB carry is the requirement for an outer garment that is long enough to extend down to and past the end of the muzzle. The covering garment for IWB can be substantially shorter, as the majority of the slide is concealed inside the pants.

I recently began looking for a new IWB holster and came across Old Faithful Holsters, which actually offers IWB and OWB variants, but IWB appears to be their forte. Unique to Old Faithful Holsters is their option to purchase the holster either in kit form or as an assembled product. The kit versions are available in three stages, one to three, depending on the amount of time the customer wants to invest in finishing and assembly. Stage 1 is assembled from parts that have the least amount of finishing done and is only $28, compared to the Stage 3 which has fully finished parts and just needs about ten minutes of assembly and runs $40. The fully finished and assembled holster is $75.

Old Faithful Holsters use a leather backing secured to a formed .093 Kydex front. The leather on my sample was thick and cleanly trimmed. The Kydex was molded to perfectly fit the Glock 19, with the edges lightly beveled to avoid any sharp edges. All hardware is black, with the metal pieces constructed of steel. When ordering you are able to specify your preference for tan or black leather, as well as a a variety of different Kydex colors (lacking much imagination, I went for the default basic black.)

For those that have never carried IWB style before, you might find that you need one waist size larger to accommodate the holster. A thick belt is mandatory to support the weight and give the two spring steel belt clips something to latch on to. I found that the setup was initially a tad stiff and uncomfortable, which was a temporary condition. Within a couple days, the leather had contoured itself to the shape of my right hip.

Retention is adjustable by way of four tensioning screws. Throughout the several weeks that I have been wearing the holster, I have not had to adjust the tension. After a few more weeks, I might just go ahead and apply some Loctite 242 (blue, removable) to all the screws to ensure they stay put. The Glock 19 has remained securely in place during physical activity and yes, even while upside-down. The front and rear clips each have three attachment height choices, which gives the user the ability to alter the cant somewhat.

During range trips as well as dry fire drills, the pistol was quickly presented from the holster. Due to the rigid Kydex exterior, reholstering is easily accomplished with one hand. This is critical in my mind and something that cheap fabric and most all leather IWB lack. I also appreciate that the cut of the holster allows for a full grip without any material getting in the way, which would slow down the draw.

Overall, the holster was comfortable, more so than ones I had tried in years past. I still find that a OWB holster is more comfortable, as it places less pressure on the waist/hip. The IWB really comes into play during warmer days, when a jacket or other larger covering isn't practical. I was able to use the holster with only a loose t-shirt covering it. The design of the holster also allows the user to tuck the shirt over the pistol and stuff the material between the holster and belt. While both of these options worked, I prefer to have the shirt material between the holster and my skin. I then use a light unbuttoned outer shirt, vest or other cover.

While straying off topic a bit here, it's my belief that most law enforcement applications require more retention that an open top holster provides. I cringed a few weeks ago when I was assisting a unit trying to locate a homicide suspect and such holsters were in use. This is not a negative dig on this holster whatsoever, but just a reminder to use the right tool for the right job.

If there was one suggestion that I could make, it would be to offer a different style of belt clip. The metal clips have a protruding edge that are not so forgiving when you smack your knuckles on them. I would like to see a Kydex clip that curls under the belt, which would be very secure yet low profile.

Old Faithful is a fairly new company based out of Fort Smith, Arizona. They use all USA made parts. All holsters and kits are shipped with extra hardware pieces and a hex wrench. They offer a 50 year warranty (yes, you read that right!). Old Faithful Holsters is putting out a great holster that is an especially good value in the kit form. They will be added to my recommend list.