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    Volund Gearworks ATLAS Belt

    Last month, I purchased an interesting belt made by Volund Gearworks for everyday use named the ATLAS.

    The ATLAS in its 1.5 inch trim is made of scuba webbing sandwiched, according to the Volund website, between two layers of flat nylon webbing. This is the model I purchased. What sets this belt apart from most other nylon "tactical"/instructor belts is the use of a coated steel ITW G-Hook buckle. The buckle hooks to one of four loops that form part of an outer layer of one-inch wide nylon webbing that runs the circumference of the belt.

    Attached to one end of the aforementioned nylon webbing is the buckle. The end of the webbing has a two-inch section of "male"/hook Velcro which hooks to an approximately nine-inch long section of "female"/loop Velcro sewn onto the belt.

    Behind the female section of Velcro is a 1.5 inch wide nylon loop which the tail end of the belt slips through.

    As can be noted in the pictures, the buckle, being a simple hook, has no moving parts. Tightening the belt is accomplished by hooking the buckle to one of the four loops and then cinching it with the ends with Velcro.

    Since purchasing this belt from one of Volund's dealers, Bawidamann Blades, I find myself using this belt more and more unless my mode of dress precludes wearing a dress belt. As a law enforcement officer, my daily use equipment includes a Glock 27 .40 S&W handgun in a X-Concealment "M" MOD II outside-the-waistband or Comp Tac Minotaur in-the-waistband holsters, spare Glock 22 magazine and Surefire 6P flashlight in a Blade Tech magazine/light combination pouch, a set of S&W handcuffs in a Galco pouch, and badge. This belt holds the equipment securely, with no shifting of the equipment and/or sagging of the belt at any of points where the equipment is secured. This is also the case during warrant executions to which I add two additional magazines and an ASP.

    Another point to add is the more I wear this belt, the more I find it is easier to adjust the fit, even while wearing all of my gear compared to the various iterations of trainer/rigger's belts I own. It is comfortable after hours of use.

    To wrap up this review, this belt is an excellent piece of kit providing excellent support with enough stiffness as not to allow anything attached to the belt to sag. It is also particularly attractive looking in the two-toned Foliage Green over Coyote Brown trim that I elected to purchase from Bawidamann. All in all, I highly recommend this belt which is also available in a 1.75 inch wide version and in various colors/color combinations directly from Volund, here, Bawidamann, here, or other dealers found on the Volund website.
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