The 12” REV by Fortis was introduced by John Hwang in post located here:

John’s post does a good job introducing the REV’s stats…note the extremely light weight (9.4 ounces).

(The 12 inch REV is incredibly light.)

Walking the floor at this year’s SHOT show, I saw the REV displayed at a few booths including Mega Arms and Battle Comp. It was getting a lot of attention from those that took the time to handle the rifles. Just prior to departing for the show, I built an upper using a Fortis REV. It’s a very straight forward and robust mounting setup…

(The REV works with a standard barrel nut. I used a barrel from Black Hole Weaponry that I thought would really look good through the large openings on the REV.)

(I also used a low profile gas block from Rainier Arms that has a flat milled in it for easy drilling of a taper or straight pin hole.)

(Mounting the REV is simple and straight forward. The design uses four screws in a dovetail jointed barrel nut clamping system.)

(I'd recommend taking the time to tighten the four bolts evenly, but installation was easy.)

(QD swivel sockets are just about mandatory on modern rail designs, the REV has two on either side aft...)

(...and two on either side forward.)

On first impressions I really like the Fortis REV. I'm waiting to find a BCG for this upper assembly before I can actually fire it and range test the setup. The very large openings along the rail have me somewhat concerned about my thumb slipping inside the rail and getting singed on the barrel...but we'll see how it performs after some trigger time. Like I said, the REV was getting a lot of attention at SHOT. When one fairly well connected industry guy found out that I had one, he tried to give me his shipping address...more than once.

I'll update this thread once I've shot with this one a while...

(A Battle Comp 1.0 tops the Black Hole Weaponry barrel. Now I just need a BCG!)