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    The Final Countdown...

    6 month wait for NFA Stamps? CHECK

    Pouting for 3 extra months thanks to post-SH panic buying? CHECK

    One last shipment of goodies due Wednesday? CHECK

    Potentially getting to shoot your first SBR and your first suppressed weapon on your birthday? WORTH IT!!!

    So after much agony, waiting, and deliberating, this past weekend I ordered the last few bits to be able to assemble a functional rifle. Thanks to a further 4-5 month projected wait for the Vltor A5 buffers to be back in stock, I decided just to finish my rifle for now with a BCM extension and H2 buffer. Experiencing "7 year old boy on Christmas who thinks he got a Red Ryder BB gun" syndrome, I started to do some hand-tight fitting today, which looked a bit like this:

    Still waiting on the DD Lite barrel nut wrench, a B5 SOPMOD stock, and a Magpul RSA mount which get here Wednesday. Minus the indicated missing items above, I pilfered stuff from other guns so I could try the balance and feel out. Overall, it's about an inch longer than my 16" rifle but somehow feels a bit handier, and obviously shorter than the 16" with either a SF Mini or AAC Micro. I plan on this being my bedside rifle, so things that are on there right now will change. But for now, here are the parts and what is planned/coming:

    Innovative Arms W.A.R. Adjustable receiver
    Daniel Defense 12.5" Govt. profile CHF barrel (Kindly dimpled by Robb Jensen @ VA Arms)
    (Waiting for back in stock) Young MFG Chrome M16 BCG, staked from Rainier Arms (Temporarily borrowing BCM BCG from my other rifle)
    DD Mk18 Rails in FDE
    BCM .750 Gas Block
    BCM GF Mod 4 charging handle, new version
    AAC MITER Brake mount, AAC SPR-M4 suppressor
    Magpul RSA (in mail!)

    Precision Firearms billet lower (local company from Maryland, great fit/finish so far)
    ALG ACT trigger
    Palmetto State lower parts kit
    BCM Gunfighter grip, Mod1
    BCM Milspec receiver extension
    iKickHippies SLAP plate
    B5 Sopmod stock (in mail!)

    Some bits I'm still waffling on, mostly due to budget and a need to actually get some trigger time. I plan on trying out the Vickers padded sling with ITW Mash Hooks up front and back. I'm not 100% on QD mounts since I don't seem to have any of the rotation limited kind and they can be goofy to detach sometimes. If I like the RSA/SLAP/Mash Hook setup on the SBR I'll probably do it on the M4 as well. As far as sights, I really wanted to score some of the Knight's micro sights ala MK 18, but for the sake of cost I think I'll probably get some of the Midwest Industries SPLP sights in their FDE coating. I have the TLR-1 off my busted Taurus 1911, and was trying it on for size. I kinda like it, but may try and score a SF Scout or similar later down the road. Optic I still haven't decided on. I want something with a nice big sight picture like an Eotech, but hopefully with very good battery life. I'm considering an EXPS series, maybe T1/H1 micro, or the recent Trijicon reflex sight.

    If all goes well, and my BCM BCG successfully headspaces in the DD barrel, then Saturday I should be getting to finally shoot it! Anyone else have an excruciating wait thanks to the SH shooting that's finally working out?

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    Have you tried the WAR upper? I just ordered one and wanted to know your thoughts on it.

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