For those of you that are experienced AR15 builders this guide is probably not for you. However, if you're a novice that is considering making one of the best upgrades you can for your AR15/10 platform but unsure if you're able to handle the install, this guide is for you. As a lefty, the Battle Arms Development Ambi Selector Switch is a must have. If I could afford it, I would install them on all of my rifles.

Manufacturer: Battle Arms Development

Item to be Installed: BAD-ASS (Ambi-Selector-Switch)

Purpose of Item: The Levers are detachable and interchangeable on both sides for maximum flexibility and user preference. There are a total of (6) Lever Designs and (36) Possible Lever Combinations! The BAD-ASS is a must have for the "South Paw" and Ambidextrous Shooters!

Parts Used:

For this install, we will be using:

Noveske GenII Lower
Magpul MIAD Grip

Tools Required:

Supplied Torx Wrench
Screw driver (depends on what kind of screw your grip is installed with)

Before starting any installation or work on your AR15 platform, make sure you follow the basic safety rules and clear your weapon of any magazine and ammunition. Double check to ensure your weapon is safe. I say this, even though this is a stripped lower because it's just a good habit to get into.

Photo Credit of course goes to Stickman.

When you get your BAD-ASS Kit, you'll notice you will get:

1. Safety Core
2. (3) Levers
3. (2) Torx Screws
4. Stainless Steel Detent
5. Torx Wrench
6. Detent Spring

For this build we used a Noveske Gen II Lower and a Magpul MIAD Grip.

Before Installation of the grip and safety, you want to dump the standard safety included with your lower parts kit. Then you'll want to attach the one of the levers to the safety core. Attach the desired lever, and use a torx screw to secure it. Insert it into the lower. You want to make sure the detent side lines up with the hole for the detent spring. This is the right side of the lower receiver or the "mag release" side.

Next, select the lever you want for the opposite side. Again, use the other torx screw and secure it using the supplied torx wrench.

Once the lever is secured to the lower, move it to the "safe" position. Place the detent into the safety. This is located underneath the receiver where the grip attaches to. Once the detent is in, I like to use the supplied torx wrench to push the detent a bit further in, until a positive engagment is felt. You're now ready to insert the detent spring and grip.

When the detent is engaged, place the detent spring into the detent hole in the grip. This is located on the right side of the top of the grip.

Install the grip into the lower receiver, making sure that the detent spring goes into the corresponding hole in the receiver.

Secure the grip to the receiver with whatever screw the manufacturer supplied. In this case, it's a slotted screw from Magpul.

You are now ready to use your newly installed BAD-ASS. Function test the BAD-ASS by moving the selector from Safe to Fire, ensuring a positive engagement at each setting. I like to also dry fire the trigger to ensure that it does indeed fire and stay safe when the corresponding selection is made.

If you're installing a BAD-ASS to an exisiting setup, just follow these steps in reverse to remove your old safety lever, and then use it from the beginning to install your new BAD-ASS.