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    Guide to assorted Flash Suppressors

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    Weapon System: AR15/ M16


    Advanced Armament Corp

    Noveske Rifleworks

    Primary Weapon Systems

    Saylors Machine

    Yankee Hill Machine/ YHM


    Purpose of Item: The purpose of a flash suppressor on the AR15/ M16 platform is to reduce/ suppress the flash from the end of the barrel as the weapon is fired.

    Tools Needed: Open end wrench. If timing the Flash Suppressor is recommended, a second person may be used to hold and brace the weapon, or the use of a clamp or action block may be required.

    Items Included: Most Flash Suppressors will include some form of washer if one is needed. This may be a peel, or in most cases, a crush washer.

    *** NOTE- The below muzzle devices are one which are owned by myself, and most have been used, dropped, knocked into things, or left laying around. The colored markings observed on some are paint, grease, dirt and who knows what. These items don't come that way from the manufacturer, this is simply what I currently have on hand. ***
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