Costa Ludus 1911 Elements Theory with John Jardine. First time collaboration with Chris Costa and John Jardine. For those who are 1911 fans, renown 1911 gunsmith John Jardine taught the class on day one. If you want to learn how to improve your 1911 performance with the help of a seasoned 1911 smith, John Jardine is the smith to help build your knowledge base.

The next two days, you'll be running your 1911 with Costa Ludus. The course outline works on the basic fundamentals and gradually moves into movements and multiple threat problem solving. The class was filled with cops and civilians. For those who like the 1911 or want to learn how to use your 1911, check out Costa Ludus 1911 Elements Theory class.

Some pictures I took at the class, posted on Facebook but will get it posted here later this week.