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    Daniel Defense OMEGA Rail install guide and pictorial review

    *** If all text is not visible reset your computer display properties to 1162x864 or higher***

    Weapon System: AR15/ M16

    Manufacturer: Daniel Defense

    Item Installed: Daniel Defense OMEGA Rail

    Purpose of Item: A free floating rail allows for multiple attachment points of equipment, to include optics, vertical foregrips, lights, lasers, and other items. A FF rail also allows for better accuracy by the barrel not being touched by the forearm. For many users, it is more a matter of a stable handguard/ rail that will not rattle or wiggle under hard use than it is absolute accuracy. There are several different styles of Free Float rails. This is a two piece rail which requires no modification to the weapon aside from removal of the handguards.

    It may be of interest to the reader that Daniel Defense was recently awarded the SOCOM SOPMOD RIS II rail contract. has a separate review for the Daniel Defense Omega Rail, which gives additional information, and can be found at the following link.

    Tools Needed:
    Flat head/ Slotted Screwdriver

    Items Included:
    Rail (upper and lower piece)
    Allen head screws prethreaded into the rail
    Rail covers
    Slotted flat head screws with nylon beveled washer
    Thread locking compound

    The Daniel Defense Omega Rail is a Free Floating Rail designed to be installed and used on a standard AR15/ M4 carbine. This guide does not act as a substitute for real world knowledge, and is not designed to turn the reader into a professional “gun plumber”. However, it is my belief that the overall installation process is simple enough for anyone who is familiar with the AR15, and who can replace their standard handguards. This is based on my own method of installation, and all liability is with the end user. If you stab yourself, shoot yourself, or find some other manner of getting yourself hurt, you are responsible for your own actions. If you have doubts, get help.
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