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Some additional thoughts today after taking this scope out to 600y on B/C steel...

First of all, while annoying, the donut wasn't actually a too big a hinderance at distance. As I mentioned before, with a smaller target, it will start to cause some issues (at least for me), but with the B/C steel, I could still comfortably bracket the target in the donut and shoot precisely and consistently. I also ran from 300y out to 600 using holds while zeroed at 300y and it was very comfortable, however, it was a little harder to "find my place" on the reticle when I needed to hold somewhere in between the center and the 5 mil mark since there aren't any numbers in between. At 500, I needed 2.6 mils and it was easy to lose my place for a second to make sure I was still under the 2 mil mark. Capable? Absolutely, just a tad slower than a reticle with some more numbers on it.

My other main take away is how sloppy the turret is. When you slip the turrets back to zero, it snaps into place due to the push-release button, but there's play when it's in the detent. I tried to center the "0" on the mark, but even after tightening it up, it's not perfect, so it can be hard to tell if 1.6 mils is really 1.6 or 1.4. Also, the turrets are mushy. I was jumping back and forth between my NF 2.5-10 and the MK6 and when I'd go back to the NF, the turrets were super-positive. The MK6, not so much.

All that said, the image is still very clear. I could spot hits at 400. With the mirage today, I couldn't really see impact points past that, but the targets at 500 and 600 were still very clear and the overall impact "splash" was viewable out to 500. I needed help at 600, but that could have also been the target (this was a MGM versus Red Stitch on the others, I believe).

If the turret was better, this would be a no brainer, but with the turret, I'm eager to see what may come of this mythical NF scope...and if it's awesome, the MK6 may help fund that purchase. For now, I'll continue to run the MK 6 in a SPR short course next month and see how it does. I know the rifle it's on is up to the challenge without braking a sweat.
I can't wait for mine to arrive. Went with the leupold mount.