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What would you consider instead of the MK6?
The NF 1-8 ATACR is amazing.

On a more serious note, my problem is that I haven't found a better option. The Vortex HD is too heavy for a SFP scope and I'd prefer to have half-mil marks, but the dot is great. The Trijicon, now that I've managed to look through a couple, just doesn't seem to do anything well, but for the money is a decent value, I guess. A NF 2.5-10x24 isn't FFP and needs an off-set dot (for my needs). Kahles, see below.

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I'm sure it's in this thread or the one on m4c, but what's wrong with the Kahles 1-6? Was it the reticle? Honest question, since I am shopping right now.
For me (and I know I'm particular), it was the reticle. In a perfect world, I want FFP (more so on a 8 or 10x), reasonable weight, bright red dot, and half mil marks to at least 6 mils for elevation (it might be 8, but I don't have my phone near me to check my DOPE). But again, I know I have particular needs. At the end of the day, my MK6 has been a very decent 90% solution, especially on a Mini-Recce.

I will attempt to own one for every single rifle in my possession. Yes, I've had skin-to-skin contact with it.
Jealous. NDA? If so, I understand, but I've had several very specific questions that, obviously, have gone unanswered. If there's a red dot is top among them.

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The NF is a long ways off.
This makes me sad face. Why did you crush my dreams? Now I need to figure out if I "replace" my MK6 with the NF 2.5-10x24 I have sitting in a box, or live with the MK6. The good news is I cashed in on Larue's deal last week, so at least I have mounts ready.