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    I think my current build in progress may meet the spirit of "extreme use", at least as I interpret it. My goal is a simple, lightweight, durable weapon that will be my main go-to for just about anything - classes, recreational shooting, home defense, SHTF - whatever. It's getting there, hopefully it will be shootable in a month or two as budget allows. It's a 16" midlength.

    Sights: Fixed FSB and Hahn Precision folding rear.
    Reason: I much prefer a fixed front for durability; I've found the Hahn Precision rear to be just about the perfect BUIS for my tastes because it has an A1 style windage adjustment (no worries about inadvertent windage changes), positive spring detents up and down, a well-designed attachment method and a very low profile - it's pretty much bombproof.

    Optic: Aimpoint ML3 in a LaRue LT-150 mount.
    Reason: Exceptional durability and battery life; the LaRue mount is extremely well designed and manufactured, plus it includes storage for a backup battery.

    Grip: Magpul MOE.
    Reason: Simple, and it fits my hand well.

    Stock: Magpul ACS.
    Reason: I've pretty much standardized on the ACS for most of my weapons. The cheek weld and balance are good for me, plus it appears to be extremely durable. I also like the storage compartment - at a minimum I keep a broken shell extractor tucked into mine. I'd like to see if I can find a multi-piece cleaning rod that would stow in one of the battery compartments, too.

    Barrel: Daniel Defense 16" lightweight profile midlength.
    Reason: Light, chrome lined, hammer forged. I've had good luck with DD barrels. I decided to go 16" over 14.5" for more flexibility down the road in muzzle devices.

    Trigger: Currently RRA, but I'm considering changing to one of the Spike's coated trigger kits.
    Reason: I want to stick to a milspec design, and the Spike's is getting good reviews.

    Buffer/Spring: Vltor A5 receiver extension and standard buffer with a Colt rifle spring.
    Reason: I'm intrigued by the reports from users of the A5 and want in. There seems to be a real benefit to the design.

    Upper: Daniel Defense A4 with a BCM Gunfighter Mod 5 charging handle and BCM BCG.
    Reason: Well made in spec upper; also because it came attached to my chosen barrel. (I actually bought a complete upper for once in my life.) I'm a convert to the small latch Gunfighter due to my experiences with it on one of my carbines; the BCM BCG is a gold standard component and I saw no reason to try anything different this time.

    Lower: AGP Arms.
    Reason: A really nicely machined, well finished lower that doesn't have cartoony rollmarks (a pet peeve of mine). Also because they will do customized engraving; I have several with custom serial number, custom caliber markings and no FA position (an issue in this silly state.)

    Magazines: Magpul Maglevel PMags.
    Reason: As good as it gets, inexpensive.

    Lights: Surefire G2 LED in a Innovative Weapons Components MOE side mount.
    Reason: Decent quality light, well designed lightweight mount that puts the light where I need it without the use of pressure switches.

    Flash Hider/Comp: Micor 1N7.
    Reason: I prefer closed end muzzle devices; the Micor seems to be a good balance between flash suppression, compensation (even though it's not really a comp), price and weight. This choice may change over time and is one of the reasons I finally decided to go 16" instead of 14.5'.

    Handguard: MOE midlength
    Reason: No need for a rail; I prefer the hand feel of the MOE.

    Slinging: Boonie Packer 2P-TQA with one of the new IWC 2 to 1 Point Tri-Glides and either a Noveske QD endplate and an IWC handguard mount or a Magpul ASAP and a IWC handguard mount, still deciding.
    Reason: I like my Boonie Packer slings and see no reason to change. I'm torn between mounts; at the moment, I have an ASAP mounted but may change to QD. In my opinion QD finally became an option for me with Earl's release of the 2 to 1 Point Tri-Glide, I really like being able to convert my two points to single point as needed.

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    Stick was nice enough to let me have this upper for a little shooting. I'll be shooting it dry with just the Fail Zero, and see how many rounds it takes until I see a stoppage. I'll post any important updates periodically.

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    Handguard: Daniel Defense Lite Rail
    Reason: Securely attaches to receiver, very little chance of coming loose

    Sights: REAR: ARMS 40-L Rear Low Profile flip up / FRONT : KAC Micro adjustable front flip up
    Reason: ARMS rear has a height over bore notch for close quarters to account for height over bore. KAC front is easily adjustable and does not require a tool.

    Optic: Aimpoint Comp M3 2moa or Aimpoint Micro T-1
    Reason: Reliability! Both are my top choices. Each has it's own advantage. T-1 is very light and low profile but has a 4moa dot. Comp M3 has a 2moa option which covers less of the target if shooting at a distance and allows for slightly better accuracy. Both are NVG compatible.

    Grip: Magpul MOE / MOE Plus
    Reason: Excellent design and has a secure storage compartment inside with different options on core inserts custom made for spare parts or batteries. The tang in the rear allows the shooters hand to rest a little farther back while gripping to naturally allow the index finger pad to rest comfortably on the trigger face without having to bend your finger too much.

    Stock: VLTOR IMOD - STANDARD Milspec Version
    Reason: Textured rubber pad has excellent traction and shape which allows the user to go from low ready to on target position with ease. Q/D Socket built in, removable storage (battery etc..) compartments on the sides. Overall best design on the market today. This is the only stock that I like better than the LMT Sopmod.

    Barrel including length: Centurion Arms 16" Hammer Forged Barrel
    Reason: Machine gun grade chrome lining. Custom contour profile to reduce weight. Will last several times longer than a standard barrel.

    LPK/Trigger: Daniel Defense LPK
    Reason: Made by DD to highest standards possible. Not a repackaged lpk like most sell. Made entirely in house by DD.

    Upgraded Trigger: Wilson Combat TTU drop in trigger
    Reason: Installs very easily, well designed, and has a super light reset so you can shoot very quickly. In the right hands it sounds like full auto when rapid fired.

    Buffer: Spikes Tactical ST-2 Heavy Buffer
    Reason: Billet aluminum body with tungsten powder and milspec bumper

    BCG: LMT F/A bcg
    Reason: The definition of MIL SPEC. No gimmics, no useless coatings, just time tested reliability.

    Upper Rec: Mega Machine LLC
    Reason: When mated with a Mega lower receiver there is a very tight lockup between the two. No wiggle!

    Lower Rec: Mega Machine LLC
    Reason: Precision made of billet 7075 aluminum to very exact tolerances, anodizing done above and beyond industry standards, flared magwell for easy mag insertion, textured grip surface at front exterior of magwell. When mated with a matching Mega upper receiver there is virtually no wiggle. And if mated with another manufacturer, there is a friction screw to assist in a snug lock up between the upper and lower receivers.

    Magazine: Magpul Pmag - Maglevel Version / Gen 2
    Reason: Reliability. Has a window so you can check your remaining capacity.

    Lights/lasers/etc: Surefire M720V Raid
    Reason: Fully adjustable white and IR light, reliable, compact design. Can be mounted at the 6'oclock position on a rail to get most even light dispersion when going around corners in the dark. Does not require lenses that can be lost or damaged to achieve IR, simply turn the bezel to choose IR or White light for mission requirements.

    Charging Handle: Bravo Company Model 4 - Medium
    Reason: Most advanced design to avoid twisting or snapping the latch. Perfect sized latch with great texture. Excellent design and well though out engineering.

    Muzzle Brake/Comp: Battlecomp 1.0 / 2.0
    Reason: Manages recoil very well if you want to put a lot of rounds on target quickly.

    Flash Hider: Smith Vortex
    Reason: It works! Simple design and reduces flash very well

    Misc Stuff rail covers etc: Magpul XTM Rail Panels
    Reason: Easy to customize to almost any size rail. Different colors can be used together to achieve a camo pattern if desired. Easy to remove with the tip of a bullet.

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    After a lot of research and deciding to spend a lot of money, I decided on the Specter DR Elcan 1.5 x 6 sight.
    This sight can handle anything, and it does. After I got it I took it to Afghanistan where it worked flawlessly.

    Why I love it..... As simply stated on the web site...
    The Specter DR multi-function combat day sight is a revolutionary optical design that combines the best of close combat and precision fire ranging features into a single, low profile dual-field-of view (DFOV) sight. The Specter DR 1.5-6x dual role sight gives machine gun operators and designated marksmen a sweeping 1.5x view of the battlefield for target acquisition, then allows instant switching to 6x for accurate, long range precision fire and suppression.
    Situational awareness in both magnifications is improved with wider viewing angles and unmatched light transmission in low light conditions.

    : Can be used as a red dot site by having the ability to illuminate a red dot or the entire crosshair reticle.
    : The sight's 6x magnification is great to use like an ACOG.
    : Switches instantly from close combat (1.5x) to telescopic (6x) in less than 1 second and the illumination works in both positions.
    : The crosshairs are etched into the glass
    : Integrated back-up iron sights are bore sighted to scope
    : Waterproof at 66 feet for 2 hours minimum
    : Shockproof to 450 g's
    : Battery lasts for 300 hrs minimum at maximum brightness
    Downside ?? I don't think so but other may. It does weigh a bit at 700g (1.54 lbs)

    For full specs you can go to

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    Thumbs up Noveske N4 Recon 6.8 SPC

    I prefer a Noveske N4 forged lower & upper with this set up 6.8SPC Arnold Dew Custom piston upper 16" Green Mountain match barrel with comp/brake
    Daniel Defense Quad rail, Vltor E mod stock w/pad magpul grip, troy sights ,aim point M4 comp,Surefire M952V-T w/infrared this is a very solid platform for home and combat duty!!
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    I guess this is as good a thread as any for my first post.

    This is my setup. My overall reasoning behind my build, based on price point, use, and cool factor (you all know, you do it).

    Handguard: MI 12" freefloat rail
    Reason: Freefloat, plenty of rail space, and allows me to use my arm fully locked out.

    Sights: Matech rear, MBUS front
    Reason: Matech was a item left over from my Army days, and free. The MBUS was a inexpensive and works well as a backup.

    Optic: EOTech 557 with Aimpoint 3x Magnifier on Larue flip mount
    Reason: The EOTech I used on my M4 while I was deployed, It was a personal Item that my COC allowed me to use. Same goes for the magnifier. The Larue mount was bought after the mount I had gave out.

    Grip: Magpul MOE
    Reason: comfort and stippled for more texture. Plus has spare AA batteries inside.

    Stock: Magpul MOE
    Reason: Light weight alternative to the SOPMOD 1 stock. Not having a lock doesnt bother me. But my beard still gets pulled out every now and again.

    Barrel including length: 16" YHM fluted.
    Reason: Price, although it is a 1/9 twist, It stabilizes everything I will reload and be able to get my hands on readily. New barrel is in the works. Looking at the Rainier Arms 1/8 twist

    LPK/Trigger: Geissele SSA
    Reason: No reasoning needed is there?

    Buffer: Simple carbine length buffer
    Reason: ain't broke don't fix it.

    BCG: BCM
    Reason: Better quality

    Upper Rec: Spikes
    Reason: Works the same as any other upper I have ever used.

    Lower Rec: Spikes
    Reason: Same as above

    Magazine: USGI
    Reason: because I have 80+ new in package in a foot locker next to the reloading bench.

    Lights/lasers/etc: Surefire 6P series
    Reason: Works well, but isn't to bright to "splash" on the white walls during bumps in the night. Possibly moving to a TLR1s like on my carry pistol in the future.

    Charging Handle: BCM Gunfighter Mod3
    Reason: Better grip, sturdier, reminds me that I still have feeling in my hands when it pinches me.

    Flash Hider/Comp: YHM Comp
    Reason: HUGE difference from the birdcage. I actually love it and cant beat it for $35

    Misc Stuff rail covers etc: KAC rail covers from Army. Magpul AFG
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    As I'm approaching starting my own general purpose build I'm curious how this one came out and has been running? any updates from the hard use crowd?

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