We want to do something different and special for Veterans Day, next week. As a business, we try to do what we can to support everyone who has had to put on a uniform for our country, because that takes a lot of strength, commitment and love that few others understand. No, we wonít name off all of the charities we donate to and we donít like wasting our time patting ourselves on the back by advertising all we doóthatís just not us. This Veterans Day weíre going to try something new, and thatís creating a special discount offered only to veterans.

Now, we canít really stop anyone from using this code to buy oodles of gear, but we really hope that the majority of you arenít douchebags and share our values. For our customers who are also vets, please enjoy this code and our gratitude.

The code THANKSVETS will go live on Wednesday, November 11, at 00:01 CST and run for a full 24 hours.